# Title Original Airdate About the Epsiodes Codes
1 Hotel Hangout September 20,2005 We are introduced to Zack Martin and Cody Martin, two identical twins moving into the Tipton Hotel with their single mother. We are also introduced to Marion Moseby, Maddie Fitzpatrick and London Tipton and Kayla Amber 102
2 Kayla Give me Free Candy September 27,2005 When Zack Martin ask Maddie Fitzpatrick if he can have some Candy and when she Said no Zack haves Kayla Amber if she Could get some Candy 104
3 Trouble in the Tipton Hotel October 4,2005 on Halloween night Zack Martin & Cody Martin & Kayla Amber & London Tipton & Maddie Fitzpatrick goes Trick or treating in the Hotel whenMaddie Fitzpatrick hear a Lourd Bang 107
4 Zack get a Girlfriend October 11,2005 Zack

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